Dear Debra

Now that escrow has closed and the transfer of ownership has taken place, Sharon Linkletter and I want to express a heart-felt thank you for making this sale happen. You are part of a team, but it is easy to see the major contribution you made compared to the other team members. Your professionalism and commitment to service are superb.

When Coldwell Banker was retained by the Art and Lois Linkletter Estate, we were told, and therefore presumed, that a vast network of senior people in the organization would fully manage the sale. You quickly became the focal point and the consistently reliable agent on our behalf. We saw other team members periodically, but we relied on your abilities in each week of the process to keep us centered and in the loop.

I cefixime over the counter have have had the pleasure in my career of serving in senior management for zestril without precription many decades. It would have been nice to have had your competence as part of my team. Sharon joins me in strongly sharing the same beliefs. Thank you for what you bring to the table. Because you are so good, you make Coldwell Banker look exceptional. Well done.

Art Hershey